31 Mar 2012 at 17.00

Dance research 
Two Dancers and two Musicians. Acoustic & Electronic frequencies. Bodies and   Space. 
       Space as a  living organism. Breathing…    In and Out.       Space in between…
 Suspension.     Stillness.     Silence…           Beautiful darkness.

How can we stay intentionally in a state free of intention? How can we allow being moved from this state only when the wind blows? How to design and recreate the road to the shore while being in the middle of the sea? How  'invisible body'  manifests itself through the meeting of dance and music?

This research is inspired on the theme of 'Crepúsculo'. 'Crepúsculo' in Portuguese means 'Twilight', the moment in between day and night...
DansLab, De Rebecqueplein 20b, Den Haag (
Research - 19th till 31st March 2012
Informal Presentation - 31st March 2012

Dance - Ana Ladas, Aurélie Camil
Music - Kim José Bode (recorders), Piotr Kurek (electronic)
Video - Johanna Barnbeck 
Editor - Dennis Lubbers 


CORPUS VIVOS is a series of events that explore Dance Improvisation in collaboration with other art forms. The series of Corpus Vivos explores the relations between Dance, Music inspired in Food, Taste, Memory and Social Interactions.

Corpus Vivos I - 29th June 2011
an evening of Dance, Music & Food  

Corpus Vivos II - 16th Oct 2011
an evening of Dance & Music inspired on Taste & Memory

Corpus Vivos III - 1st Dec 2011
an evening of Dance & Music inspired by Making, Tasting, Sharing, Digesting Food

The same group of artists work together  on a specific theme for a series of at least three public performances spread in time. In between performances the group gathers to reflect on that experience, develop intentions to bring the work further and explore them on the studio and later in the performance itself.

The Makers
CONCEPT- Ana Ladas
FOOD CONCEPT - Performance artist Lina Issa
DANCERS - Sawami Fukuoka; Ana Ladas; Kay Patru
MUSICIANS - Kim Jose Bode; Alfredo Genovesi & Marcos Baggiano

Domselaerstraat 120
1093 MB Amsterdam

SILENT (2010)
a dialog with the invisible

                                                    Photo: Leonie Hoeboer

How does an empty space manifest its fullness? How does the triangulation of dance, music and empty space recreate and transform on another?

A journey in search for the basic, the essential, the physicality from beginning of times. A revival of ancient knowledge. A travel through the senses and uncover of its subtleties. A dive into the physical body. a dive into the pre-verbal consciousness.

Choreography and dance: Ana Ladas
Music: Kim José Bode (recorders and electronics)
Light: Petyr Veenstra

Ana Ladas and Kim José Bode collaborate and together they dive into a challenging and exciting journey of an intimate empty space that breaths, dances and lives a poetic melody.

Silent was initially inspired by the special atmosphere of the empty space at Punt WG in Amsterdam (

Merging the space, as a source of inspiration, with an organic approach to the work, Silent developed a specific and versatile inner quality. The work has the possibility to live and be presented in very different contexts both indoors like galleries, churches, theaters, abandoned spaces; and outdoors like street festivals, open air events and forgotten places.

In 2010, the work was presented at Punt WGMuiderpoorttheater in Amsterdam and at Korzo Theater (Dancing by Daylight) in Den Haag, The Netherlands. 
In 2011 it was presented in the Kleinen Bühnenboden, Munster Germany




Photo: Van den Ende

"What we are looking for is in what is,
but we think we will find it over there..." T. Parsons

Land e scapes is a solo dance performance in search for a fictive zero point. It explores different states of being, dealing with the paradox of wholeness and duality. It reflects on the individual of modern society, confronted with inner (ab) original and primal states. The beast inside the civilized man. The person that grows out of darkness and faces the unforgivable duality. A body searching for an origin, a beginning, a Garden of Eden. Land e scapes is a surrealistic game of tension between reality and utopia.

Choreography & dance: Ana Ladas
Music: Niels Bakker
Artistic adviser: Lina Issa
Dramaturgy: Vera de Vlieger
Light: Sam Beumer

Special thanks to: Min Tanaka, Heather Ware, Ester Eva Damen and DWA

Land e scapes was suported by Danswerkplaats Amsterdam and presented at Dubbledans program (2007)Color Dance Festival (2007) and Move the Space (2008) at Muiderpoortheater, Amsterdam. It was also presented at the 12 MasDanza - International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands, Spain in 2007. 


RAÍZES (2006)

The point at which something originates...


    Photo: Pablo Ponce

Raízes is dance solo inspired in the basic need to search for the roots of oneself's existence.
A physical journey exploring the antagonistic forces of rational and irrational human tendencies.

Choreography and dance: Ana Ladas
Music: Niels Bakker
Sound Engineer: L. Lawaai
Artistic advice: Marta Reig Torres/ Alfredo Fernandez
Light: Egbert Mellema
Lay Out:

Raízes was supported by Danswerkplaats Amsterdam and presented at Muiderpoorttheater within the program Dubbledans 2006