Individual sessions

BodyMind Awareness & Integrated Movement

                                                                     photo © Patrick Beelaert 

A personalized and evolving process focused on the integration of bodymind in direct relation with the individual’s needs and interests. A process that stimulates (re)connecting consciously to the individual’s resourceful and natural potentials while developing ways to maximize, in action, these potentials. A journey of self-discovery promoting deeper understanding and unity within oneself and the relation with the surrounding context.

The approach is dynamic and through the kinesthetic and energetic Body. It stimulates attention and sensibility, expansion of awareness, presence, inner flexibility and stability, inner growth and autonomy of thinking and action. The work serves as foundation for quality performance both within individual’s professional (artistic and non-artistic, profit and non-profit) activity as well within daily life.

Individual Sessions (min) 2h
Price 60€ 

Comfortable clothes to move are required.

For more info and/or appointment, please contact / 00 31 623893878 (Amsterdam, Holland) / 00 33 782242820 (Toulouse, France)