IMPRESSIONS OF A BODY - Dance & Film by Ana Ladas 

Body, Presence, Vulnerability,
A meeting of inner and outer landscape. A journey of discovery and encounters.

'Impressions of a body' induce us to (re)think the human condition. The security of identity so close to the abysm of the unknown. Where does it all start? Where does it all end?!

Dance & Film Editing - Ana Ladas
Camera - Daniela Paes Leão
Technical support - Bas van Buuren
Music- Beethoven 'Mondschein-sonate' no 14 op 27 no 2

Special Thanks to Fred Kolman, Bas van Buuren, Jacqueline van den Ham, Camilla Bundel & Melania Palitta


                                 Performers: Ana Ladas & Old Tree
                                 Music: Maxime Giel
                                 Camera: Daniela Paes Leão
                                 Editing: Ana Ladas
                                 Sarphatipark, Amterdam 2008


CLAIM YOUR OWN SPACE - Cadance Festival 2008, Den Haag

                                Dance by Ana Ladas
                                Video by Eugenia Demegnio

PORT OF CALL - Produced at Meekers (Meekers Middagen), Rotterdam
Choreography by Marta Reig Torres

Concept & Choreography: Marta Reig Torres
Dancers: Angelina Deck, Yanaika Holle, Ana Ladas, Anka Majcher, Ana Teixidó
Live music : Lucas Acuña
Light design: Ellen Knops
Video: Jessica van Rueschen