'Heroine - a female lament' 2011
at YO Opera Festival Huis ad Werft, Boorstraat 107, 3513 SE, Utrecht

“Heroine – a female lament” is a 15 minute mini music drama – an interdisciplinary performance for 1 dancer, 1 musician and 1 visual artist, video and live electronics.

The triangularity of music, movement and imagery is the language of this mini music drama in which the music composition by Kim-José Bode is giving the frame and ground for this performance, the starting point and atmosphere for a journey into the struggle and inner worlds of a female hero – a heroine.

Heroine is: pain, power, loneliness, strive, beauty, sensuality, empathy, struggle, strength.
Heroine is: defender, protector, superhuman, demigod, magnanimous and noble.
Heroine is: a dive into the sub- and unconscious, the subtle mind, the relation of body – mind, movement and music,
Heroine is: the search for the core of what it means to be female – a heroine.

“Heroine – a female lament” is: embodied in the human voice, is born from the movement of water and is making sound by striking the air.

Concept and artistic director: Kim- José Bode
Music and composition: Kim – José Bode
Dance and choreography: Ana Ladas
Visual art and set design: Farhad Vilkij

Feedaback Study #2  (2010/11) 

Feedback Study #2 inquires into the relationships between sound, dance and space in a naked and direct way. A one week research focusing on the explorations of a feedback sound system via the dancing body. The musician       is in charge of altering the conditions of the feedback sound system while the dancer continuously seek for the musical potentials (rhythms, intervals, articulations, melodies...) in it. 

All are interwoven: the space becomes the sounding instrument, the dancer becomes the player, the musician becomes the architect of the resonant space.
Space as a living entity where dancer and musician can only influence but not control. A place of  vulnerability...
A place of instant dialog and constant actualization.

Presentation: 2nd June 2011 at 20.00
Residency at studio Loos 28th May - 2nd June 2011
 A collaboration between
Ángel Faraldo (Feedback System/music/installation) &
Ana Ladas (Dance)

Address:  LOOS Foundation
             Rotterdamsestraat 71 
             2586 GH Den Haag
             The Netherrlands
Telefoon: 070 3506009

Feedback Study #2 was presented 15th & 16th Oct 2010 atKorzo 5Hoog, Den Haag (Club Broomm!)
Live music (Ángel Faraldo) and dance performance (Ana Ladas & Pavel Konior)


concept, video and photo: Miloushka Bokma
in collaboration with 
dancer: Ana Ladas
actress: Pauline Fokkelman

The presentation of the photos and the video will be on 28, 29 30 December 2010 at Polderlicht@home (

Polderlicht@home is een 'route' door de Amsterdamse Oosterparkbuurt, waar op pakweg vijftien (merendeels privé-)adressen licht-, geluid- en videokunstwerken te zien zullen zijn. De bewoners op deze adressen zijn gastheer/-vrouw en suppoost in één. Net zoals bij het 'grote' Polderlicht gaan de werken elk voor zich een relatie aan met de omgeving waarin ze zijn geplaatst. Polderlicht@home vindt plaats op dinsdag 28, woensdag 29 en donderdag 30 december a.s., elke dag van 14.00 tot 18.00 uur. In principe is het mogelijk om de hele route in één middag te doen.



Dance and music improvisation at Overtoom OT301 
Dance: Ana Ladas
Music: Wilbert de Joode (Double bass) & Yedo Gibson (Saxophone)
Light: Manuela Tessi


                                                           Photos: Hiroshi Ono